We price our portraits and caricatures based on:

1. Paper Size (A4, A3, A2 and A1)

2. Number of Subjects

See the Table to the right for our Basic Price List according to these, or read below for a more detailed explanation of Subjects and also other components that we can offer to be included in your drawing.

Number of Subjects

The subject is usually the face of the person or animal that is being drawn (we do ours with a neckline too as standard - let us know if you do not want this aspect included). 

Because it is more difficult to get a good likeness (and so takes more time) with a smaller drawing, we charge for when there is more than one subject.

We can also include any of the following additional components that some of our customers like to have in their drawings;

3. Full-body Figure(s) 
4. Backgrounds


See the description under the Price List table for more information about Full-body Figures and Backgrounds.

Pricing of additional components:

Full-body figures and backgrounds are not included in our price list here because they are priced individually depending on the complexity of the image we are working from, although guide prices for Full-body Figures start at £50 for an A4 piece and Backgrounds start at £70 for A3.

     A4          A3          A2          A1

                    No. of Subjects
(people, pets, objects in the picture)

Paper Size





   £80       £140      £260      £480

   £120     £210      £360      £600

      -         £280      £460      £720

      -         £350      £560      £840

      -             -          £660      £960

      -             -          £760      £1080

      -             -              -         £1200

      -             -              -         £1320

Full Body Figures

Much like drawing multiple subjects, if you wish to have one or more subject's 'figure' (the rest of their body) drawn, it is a more difficult task to get a good likeness of small details (such as someone's eyes) because there is less space on the paper to draw the details of their face.


Finally, we can also draw backgrounds to fill the space behind the subject(s) being drawn, usually this is a simple place such as a room or outside and adds character and depth to any piece.

Please contact us by email for a unique quote if you wish to have a background drawn in your piece of art or for more details about a Full-body Figure:

Phone: +44 (0) 798 6917 748


Basic Price List