Mount Prices

Mounts often create an even more eye catching effect for people looking at pictures hung on walls.

Ours are all computer-cut precision drawing mounts made from the highest quality, 1.4mm thick white core mount board.

They make a striking yet elegant addition to any picture being framed or being left unframed.


White Mount
 A4 - £5.00

 A3 - £10.00
 A2 - £15.00

Frame Prices

rustic wood.jpg

Rustic Wood Finish
Our budget frame with a realistic, artfully worn finish.

        A4 - £10.00
        A3 - £15.00
        A2 - £30.00


Walnut Wood
The darkest frame that we offer with small, subtle grain.

        A4 - £10.00
        A3 - £15.00
        A2 - £30.00


Pine Wood
The lightest frame that we offer with a fine, smooth grain.

        A4 - £10.00
        A3 - £15.00
        A2 - £30.00

Once their portrait has been completed, many of our customers wished that we could also frame their picture so that it was ready to be displayed in their house immediately after receiving it.

We therefore are happy to announce that we now also offer an essential framing service for any portraits that we produce from sizes A4 up to A2 using two different genuine wood frame styles, a wood effect budget frame and white mounting inner frames.

Just let us know which frame you wish to purchase and we will include it in your final secure payment once your portrait is complete and do not worry if you forget to ask, we always check with each of our clients and customers before we take any final payment.